Bouton® Optical

Safety Eyewear Nylon Bag with Drawstring Closure


Available Colors:

  • Packed: 144/Case
  • Country of Origin: China
Product Description

Product Description

Bag protects your eyewear from external elements when it is not in use.


  • Fits most Bouton® Optical frame styles (sold separately)
  • Drawstring closure secures safety glasses
  • Bag doubles as a lens cleaning cloth
  • Nylon Pouch For Bouton Safety Glasses Strong Nylon Construction
  • Enclosure with Cord

Rediscover Bouton® Optical. Nearly 40 years ago HL Bouton Co. Inc began producing eyewear for industrial workers with one thing in mind…give the workers safety glasses that they want to wear. Currently Bouton® Optical has nearly 50 distinctive shapes of safety eyewear - and some are even adjustable. Bouton® Optical also offers you the right lenses for your working environment. Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog options are standard on many of their glasses and special treatments are available to extend the life of your eyewear while helping you see better by filtering light and reducing glare.

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