Therm™ Heated Vest


Available Colors:

  • Packed: 12/Case
  • Country of Origin: China
Product Description

Product Description

The active fit one size fits all vest includes two-way locking Velcro straps, easy to adjust for a secure, unrestricted fit for any body type. Utilizing innovative flexible heating panels built into the chest and back, with three available heat settings that provide long lasting, reliable warmth at the press of a button. Designed to warm and maintain core body temperature, the breathable soft-shell material provides lightweight comfort, and versatility. With two intuitive modes, easy to operate with a press of a button, control the temperature settings with the heating control located on the vest or, separately with the convenient remote control that is included allowing the wearer to continue working without removing clothing layers to adjust the temperature settings. With three separate settings easily select your preferred temperature range, LOW HEAT - 90° F, MEDIUM HEAT - 115° F, HIGH HEAT - 135° F.


  • Designed to be worn as a baselayer over a shirt, or any thermal garment
  • Lightweight, active fit one size fits all includes durable two-way locking velcro straps
  • Heating elements located on the chest and back, warming a large surface area to promote blood circulation, relief from muscle pain, enhance metabolism and improve immunity
  • Low, Medium, High temperature ranges
  • Quick rechargeable 5V/2A power bank provides Up to 5 hours of heat on the low setting with proper layering of garments
  • Machine washable; Heating elements are designed to endure 50+ washing cycles
  • Includes battery operated remote control and initial battery
  • Additional batteries available: 399-HVBAT
  • Replacement remote: 399-HVRE

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