Multi-Task Welding Gloves - Designed to Perform Beyond Welding

Non-traditional, high-performance welding gloves by Caiman® and Ironcat® for all welding tasks.

Welding Cut Protection Taken To A New Level

Explore PIP® best-selling Caiman® and Ironcat® welding gloves that are now available with cut resistant liners to deliver unparalleled protection and performance.

Grinding Hazards And The Essential PPE To Keep Workers Safe

Flying debris, sparks, hazardous dust….just some of the many hazards you encounter when using an angle grinder.

PIP® offers the right personal protective equipment for above-the-neck, hand and body protection to protect workers from these hazards.

Protective Clothing For Welding

Protection. Performance. Comfort.

This inherently dangerous occupation requires choosing the right protection to minimize safety risks, maximize worker productivity and optimize the quality of the weld. PIP® offers the right product designed specifically for protecting professional welders that are tailored to work in the toughest applications.

Avoiding Cold Stress When Welding

Welding in the cold can be dangerous if you don’t take the necessary precautions to keep warm and dry.

Explore PIP’s outerwear, head coverings, hand protection, warming products and accessories to keep you safe, warm, and productive this winter.

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